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Découvrez la programmation complète de Blood in the Snow 2020

Il n’aura jamais été aussi facile pour nous de visionner les films sélectionnés par The Blood in the Snow Film Festival (BITS).

Le festival torontois passe au digital cette année: Toute sa programmation sera présentée à travers le pays sur la chaîne Super Channel ou encore en ligne via Amazon Prime et Apple TV.

On découvrait aujourd’hui les titres qui seront présentés dans le cadre de BITS 2020. Ceux-ci incluent la majorité de nos films canadiens favoris montrés cet été à Fantasia: Hail to the Deadites, Bleed with Me, Anything for Jackson, For the Sake of Vicious, Come True

On pourra aussi visionner Bloodthirsty d’Amelia Moses, deuxième long-métrage pour la cinéaste montréalaise qui nous présentait Bleed with Me il y a quelques mois à peine. L’auteure-compositrice canadienne Lowell agit en tant que productrice.

Le très attendu Hall du cinéaste montréalais Francesco Giannini (The Flare) sera également présenté lors de cette édition. On publiait la bande-annonce du film en juillet dernier.

La programmation comprend aussi le film de science-fiction autochtone Parallel Minds, le long-métrage d’épouvante Shall We Play? ainsi qu’Emerging Screams qui rassemble les oeuvres de plusieurs talents émergents.

En plus des premières exclusives de films canadiens, l’expérience du festival virtuel comprendra des introductions préenregistrés, des séances de questions et réponses avec les cinéastes ainsi qu’une cérémonie de remise des prix après le festival.

Découvrez les détails de la programmation dans le communiqué officiel ci-dessous:

Reverse Exorcism, Bloodthirsty She-Wolves, and an Army of Deadites!

BITS Releases Killer 2020 Lineup

Oct 28 – Nov 7 on Super Channel Fuse

(October 5, 2020 – TORONTO) The BLOOD IN THE SNOW FILM FESTIVAL (BITS) unleashed its newest batch of Canadian terror, which takes over Halloween this October 28 to November 7 on Super Channel for 11 incredible nights. For the first time, horror and sci-fi fans across the country can experience all the thrills and chills BITS has to offer with a must-see creepy collection of 10 features and 4 shorts programs airing on Super Channel Fuse.

The festival kicks off with ANYTHING FOR JACKSON, (dir. Justin G. Dyck) which sees elderly satanists (Sheila McCarthy and Julian Richings) attempt a reverse exorcism to resurrect their deceased grandson in the body of an unborn child. It doesn’t take long to figure out Jackson isn’t the only ghost the grandparents invited into their home.

Things get hairy with Amelia Moses’ BLOODTHIRSTY– a slow burn body female body-horror featuring a musician (Lauren Beatty) as she and her artist girlfriend (Katharine King So) are stalked by something lycanthropic. The question is whether the wolf is at the door or under her own skin. The film is co-written and co-produced by Wendy Hill-Tout and Canadian singer-songwriter Lowell.

Halloween night gets groovy with HAIL TO THE DEADITES(dir. Steve Villeneuve)which celebrates the fans that won’t let Evil Dead die. Featuring Bruce Campbell and the rest of the cast of the original movies, this is really a film for the fans as they share their love of the low budget indie that remains a cult phenomenon nearly 40 years later. Super Channel is following the documentary with a special screening of the original EVIL DEAD on Super Channel Vault.

Metis director Benjamin Ross Hayden brings us to the nexus of technology and tradition in the Indigenous Futurist film PARALLEL MINDSMetis researcher Margo (Tommie-Amber Pirie) races to destroy an out-of-control supercomputer she helped create, as it feeds off the minds and tampers with memories of its users.

BITS is bringing back its popular shorts showcase, with three programs – DARK VISIONS boasting the darkest, creepiest, and weirdest films of the festival, FUNNY FRIGHTS featuring horror comedy shorts, and EMERGING SCREAMS spotlighting Canada’s newest cohort of rising filmmakers.

Also returning is the web series program sponsored by the Independent Production Fund, bringing a sampling of the best genre content on the web, including the vampire apocalypse series AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD.

Closing the festival is COME TRUE (dir. Anthony Scott Burns) featuring Julia Sarah Stone (The Unseen) as a runaway teen who takes part in a sleep study for an easy place to rest, only to find herself falling into a hellish, surreal nightmare.

Below is the BITS lineup of features and shorts programs scheduled to air on Super Channel Fuse:

Wed Oct 28 at 9 pm ET – Anything for Jackson (dir. Justin G. Dyck)

Thurs Oct 29 at 9 pm ET – Shall We Play(dir. Ann Forry)

Fri Oct 30 at 7 pm ET – Bleed with Me (dir. Amelia Moses)

Fri Oct 30 at 9 pm ET- Hall (dir. Francesco Giannini)

Sat Oct 31 at 7 pm ET – Hail to the Deadites (dir. Steve Villeneuve)

Sat Oct 31 at 9 pm ET – For the Sake of Vicious (dirs. Gabriel Carrer, Reese Eveneshen)

Sun Nov 1 at 7 pm ET – A Series of Web Bites – a feature length program highlighting the best Canadian horror and sci-fi digital programming

Sun Nov 1 at 9 pm ET – Dark Visions – a feature length program of the darkest, creepiest, and weirdest short films at BITS

Mon Nov 2 at 9 pm ET – Funny Frights – a feature length program of horror comedy shorts

Tues Nov 3 at 9 pm ET – Emerging Screams – a feature length collection of new or first-time genre directors

Wed Nov 4 at 9 pm ET – Bloodthirsty (dir. Amelia Moses)

Thurs Nov 5 at 9 pm ET – The Return (dir. BJ Verdot)

Fri Nov 6 at 9 pm ET – Parallel Minds (dir. Benjamin Ross Hayden)

Sat Nov 7 at 9 pm ET – Come True (dir. Anthony Scott Burns)

Sat Nov 7 at 11:30 pm ET – stay tuned for The Bloodies – the 2020 BITS awards show where we give out awards to the top Canadian genre films of 2020!

For detailed synopsis and the full lineup and schedule, go to www.bloodinthesnow.ca or visit www.superchannel.ca/bits

BITS 2020 is presented in partnership with Super Channel and with the support of Ontario Creates, Telefilm Canada, Independent Production Fund, IndieCan Entertainment, Raven Banner Entertainment, IndieCan Entertainment, Marquee Insurance, Michael Jari Davidson Cinematography and William F. White International Inc.

About Blood in the Snow

The Blood in the Snow Film Festival is a unique and imaginative showcase of contemporary Canadian horror, genre and underground cinema that exists to challenge social boundaries, explore artistic taboos and support and exhibit independent Canadian genre media artists. BITS takes place in Toronto, Ontario and brings together audiences, media coverage, community partnerships and the filmmaking industry to exhibit and celebrate Canadian genre film.

About Super Channel Entertainment Network

Super Channel is a national pay television network, offering subscribers exceptional entertainment value, uncut and commercial-free, with four diverse channels – Super Channel Fuse, Super Channel Heart & Home, Super Channel Vault and GINX Esports TV Canada – plus, access to Super Channel On Demand where available by service provider.

Super Channel’s mission is to entertain and engage Canadian audiences by providing a unique and exclusive entertainment experience.  With a core foundation of integrity and accountability, we dedicate ourselves to implementing innovative programming strategies and unparalleled teamwork that provides viewers with exceptional value and variety.

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